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Talking about oneself? Not that easy I got to say.

Because if you want to know more about myself, no matter what I can say or write down here, it will only be words. And it's the same for me, if I want to get to know you, I see no other way than meeting you and start from there. Only the concrete and experience allow us to see more clearly and to move forward. The rest is way too abstract if it remains only information.

I hope that through my pictures you can have a glimpse of who I am. Because I think that pictures often are a reflection of the photographer (yes any creation is often the reflection of its creator, we learn things don’t we?) Thus it allows us to perceive beyond the images even though it is often unconscious. The images somehow resonate and connect the artist and the viewer. Some will touch or inspire us more than others. For example, images with a dark tendency do not give the same impression as bright ones, such as colored images express something very different from low-contrast with erased colors ones and this kind of modality says a lot about the person behind the creation. Is the artist a melancholy and sad person? Or a happy and open minded person? Same for us, what attracts or pleases us or even disturbs us also tells a lot about us. Do you see what I mean?
As a saying goes, you can only give what you are and you can only see what is within you.

Therefore my images are the gateway to my world which continues to evolve towards more understanding, light, peace, exploration and all that through traveling, photography, music, martial arts, spirituality, meetings and all the experiences that I have been living throughout my journey.

Perhaps meeting each other is part of our respective journeys. For better or worse? I would say for better. I like to think that we don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

So if you are willing to embark on this adventure, I will be happy to meet you and share a tea, coffee or juice to begin with.

Because your wedding deserves the best from everyone.


If you understand a bit of French here are some reviews from the brides and the grooms. Or you can use Google Translate.

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